• Server built version 4752 
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Why do we encrypt our products?

We have an Anti-Leak policy, which means that we are against leaks. By encrypting our products, we keep our files out of the hands of leakers.
It is also no longer possible to dump your products! So your products remain original!

Seen our products on a leak server?

WATCH OUT! This is a scam, don't fall for it! All our files are encrypted, so they cannot be exchanged!
Still our products on a leak server? Let us know ASAP, we will engage NAL and they will deal with these scammers.

Issues? Check these fixes first!

Error codes:

- Error parsing script / Failed to load script

Your server is most likely outdated. Update your server to 4752 or higher.

- You lack the required entitlement to use <resource>

Try restarting your server, and make sure your license key is correct. If you bought our product on the wrong account, you can transfer the file to another account via keymaster.

- Failed to verify protected resource

Files got corrupted while transferring, make sure all files have been transferred; our files needs the .fxap file.

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